The New Generation

There’s always talk about “this generation” and “that generation.” We hear it all the time, and it’s usually one generation bad mouthing the other–the Baby Boomers are complaining about Gen X, while Gen X is trash talking Millennials. Millennials are rolling their eyes at Gen Z and the smartphones they were born with. I’m sure we all know the assumptions the world is making about the up-and-coming Gen Alpha.

Yet, while we are all side-eyeing the people who came before or after us, the world is rapidly changing. We believe that it is time to take some ownership in preparing today and tomorrow’s children for our shifting and changing world, to help mold them into happy, healthy and productive contributing members of society.

Whether we are teaching educators how to practice critical thinking with their class, offering parents advice on the best family activities to foster communication and collaboration, suggesting innovative ways to hone creativity, or detailing the importance of making community connections, this blog is about teaching, learning, and growing with our children and students, from early education to the world beyond school.

We hope you’ll join us. 



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