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Healthy College Preparation Part III: The Extracurricular

  The parental anxieties regarding college prep are looming earlier and earlier these days. The status quo is to get your children involved in all of the activities, to prepare them for all of the tests, and to generally mold them into the perfect piece of paper as early on as possible. However, in this process, we see to it that our kids miss out on, well, childhood. All of a sudden, school becomes a chore, instead of a temple…

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Service Learning in December: Community

What We Achieved in November We spent the month collaborating on our Polar Express-themed S.T.E.A.M. Christmas tree, which was donated to the Hunt Memorial’s Festival…

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Why Manners Still Matter

Every year, our Kindergarten and Lower Elementary classes at 2nd Nature Academy have an “Etiquette Day” right before Thanksgiving. We talk about manners in a…


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